Scandinavian Festival 2012

Guten Tag meine Blogger und Leser Freunden (Good day my blogger and reader friends)!

On April 14th my husband and I went to the local Scandinavian Festival at Cal Lutheran University.

My husband and I having fun enjoying Scandinavian stuff. ^_^
Yay for learning about Vikings and eating good food!

This is the flyer we got for the festival. :)

It was really cool seeing all the Scandinavian stuff from several countries, specifically stuff that was: Belgian, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, and Danish.

Here's a guy that was dressed up as a traditional Viking. Pretty cool!

One of many Viking tents we saw in the Viking reenactment area at the festival.

While we were there we ate a “Viking Dog” (Scandinavian Polish Sausage type hot dog with fried onions on top).

This was the sign. These were yummy hot dogs! :9

Also we had to get some traditional Aebleskivers (Danish Dumpling/Cake things) that came with berry sauce.

Aebleskiver (Traditional Danish dumpling/cake) with a yummy berry sauce and powdered sugar on them. SUPER YUMMY! These ones were made by a place that comes from Solvang, CA. My husband was getting ready to eat them as I took the picture!

We watched people do traditional dances and make some traditional Scandinavian foods. It is so interesting to explore one’s heritage. Even though I am mainly Dutch and German (other Germanic nations, with a few other places such as Czech Republic mixed in) by heritage, I am always interested in learning about all of  Scandinavia as a whole since these countries represent most of my husband’s heritage (and technically Dutch people are Scandinavian, just not as well represented as such at festivals).

When you are married to someone you are usually interested in some of the same things (maybe some people have totally different interests but that is not the case for D and I). In our case we both love to speak in German to each other, talk about & eat good food, talk about good books, watch comedies and fantasy movies/shows together (LOTR all the way!), and to learn more about the history of our families and their heritage. Going to this festival is always great for D because it makes him feel connected to his ancestors and I feel more connected to him. It’s just a cool and fun experience  overall.

Of course we couldn’t JUST eat the food we had to buy a couple souvenirs while we were there. My husband got himself a really cool Viking shirt. The guy who makes them says it will change color in the wash and (after 2-3 washes) will look all “vintage”. This made my hubby very pleased.

This cool Viking image is from the back of the t-shirt my husband bought. He is really into all things Nordic and Viking. I guess that's because he's part Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian! He almost all Scandinavian/Germanic!

Of course D didn’t want me to feel left out so he got me a ring. How sweet is that? I love this guy to bits…my silly/funny/smart Scandinavian/German/Scottish husband.  ^_^

I really appreciated getting the ring and also doing some shopping for a gift for my mom’s birthday. I ended up getting her a Danish cookbook, which she thought was cool.

The ring my husband got me at the festival. It is my favorite color, blue-green/aqua. How nice! <3

All in all it was a very fun day for both of us to explore the heritage of my husband (and me by marriage and by my own Dutch roots). Hope you all have enjoyed the photos!

For now I will say: Auf Wiedersehen (until we meet again)! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been preoccupied with German homework and Algebra homework lately, but I only have a couple more weeks of school and then I’m free for the summer, yay!  ALSO, Friday is my birthday…I am turning @#…ha, NO I am not telling! :P

Us making silly faces after getting home from the Scandinavian Festival. :)

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9 thoughts on “Scandinavian Festival 2012

  1. I love Viking festivals. This one looks like fun!

    • Thanks for the comment! This was a really fun festival to go to. They have it every year at Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments. I hope you had some of my aebleskiver while there.
    If you want to know more about them, go to my website:

    • Were you the Aebleskiver stand from Solvang that was at the festival? If so, then it was your cakes that I took a picture of (and ate, they are tasty!). :) And thanks for the comment! I will be sure to check out your website as well.

      • It was me alright. I have been doing this festival for about 20 years. I am the one that made aebleskiver famous. Started in 1966 in Solvang. Now I just do a few events a

  3. I am very glad that I had a chance to try your aebleskiver, Arne! I hope to travel over to Solvang sometime in the near future. :)

  4. Just stumbled across your blog today :-) my father was the chair/co-chair of the Scandinavian Festival at CLU for years and I’m going to be the co-chair for the 2014 festival. Do you mind if I share your blog on our facebook page? (and feel free to “like” it too ) I have big shoes to fill and hope to have a successful 2014 festival! Thanks! Ingrid Windsor

    • Hey Ingrid! Thank you for the nice comment! It is awesome that you are going to be the new chair of the Scandinavian Festival! You are more than welcome to put my blog up on the festival’s facebook page! :) I will be sure to check it out and like it!

      • You’re welcome! I’m really excited to be the co-chair :-) Thanks for letting me share!

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